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Boat Lift Sales & Installation

Here at Coastal Boat Lift, we provide a variety of boat lifts tailored to fit your needs. Our experienced sales team will make sure you find the right boat lift for your watercraft, making sure you get the best service possible.

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Four Piling Lifts

Four Piling Lifts, also known as cradle lifts, provide strong support for boats by carefully placing four pilings at the lift structure’s corners. These lifts are normally built in the water and are known for their stability and adaptability in supporting various boat sizes. This design ensures a solid basis, allowing for efficient and dependable boat management. Popular with boat owners looking for stability and adaptability in their watercraft storage and launching solutions.

Free Standing Hydrolic

Free Standing Hydraulic Lifts

Free-standing Hydraulic Lifts are self-supporting structures that use hydraulic systems to effortlessly lift and lower boats. These lifts have gained popularity because to their ease of use and versatility, as well as their user-friendly features. Many are powered and remote-controlled, allowing boat owners to use them in a simple and effortless manner. These lifts improve overall convenience in boat handling and storage, making them an appealing choice for those looking for efficient and versatile boat management solutions.

Boat Elevator Lift

Elevator Boat Lifts

Elevator Boat Lifts work vertically, lifting boats out of the water with an elevator-like system. These lifts provide practical solutions for places with limited space or particular water conditions requiring a vertical lifting method. Elevator boat lifts, which are designed to accommodate a variety of boat sizes and weights, offer versatility for a variety of watercraft specifications. Their vertical functioning is helpful in situations where horizontal space is limited, providing an economical and adaptable option for lifting and storing boats of varied size and weights.

boat house lift

Boat House Lifts

Boat House Lifts are designed for use within boat houses or covered structures. These lifts, which are attached to the roof or structure, provide a way to store boats above the water’s surface, sheltering them from the elements and preventing weather-related damage. Boat house lifts are available in hydraulic or cable-based versions to accommodate boat owners’ preferences and needs These lifts are a practical and protective alternative for boat storage due to their dual functionality of sheltering watercraft and giving adjustable lift options.

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Personal Watercraft Lifts

Personal Watercraft Lifts are designed specifically for smaller watercraft such as jet skis and personal watercrafts or PWCs. These lifts, which are distinguished by their small form and ease of operation, are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate various watercraft types. Their major function is to protect smaller vessels from water damage and marine vegetation by elevating them when not in use. Personal watercraft lifts are vital for owners looking for effective storage solutions for smaller watercraft due to their compactness, adaptability, and protective features.

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Kayak Launch

A Kayak Launch is a specialized platform intended for kayak launch and retrieval. These launches are especially beneficial in regions with limited water access or for those who have difficulty using regular docks. They provide a firm platform for secure kayak entry and exit. Kayak launches are crucial instruments to improve accessibility and safety for kayakers, providing a dependable platform to help with their watercraft activities. They are beneficial for people who require more assistance or are having difficulty navigating obstacles with conventional docking structures.

Boat Lift

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If you’re in the market for a new boat lift, reach out to Coastal Boat Lift today. Our experienced team is ready to provide expert guidance, helping you invest in a boat lift that exceeds your expectations in quality, reliability, and performance. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and discover the ideal boat lift model for your boating needs.

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