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At Coastal Boat Lift, we understand that boat lift owners may occasionally need replacement parts to maintain, repair, or enhance their lifts. We aim to simplify the process by offering a comprehensive selection of parts & accessories that can be ordered and installed without any hassle. Whether you require cables, pulleys, motors, controls, or any other component, we have you covered.Our boat lift parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance. Our company is a dealer of all major manufacturers and brands; and all parts & accessories have factory warranty when installed by Coastal Boat Lift, LLC. Read about some of the specific parts & accessories that we serve below:

CAT Bunk


Tailored aluminum bunk systems for Pontoon and Catamaran boats, providing secure and adaptable support for varied vessels on boat lifts.

  • Aluminum – Riser Kits available
  • Pontoon
  • Catamaran
boat lift sling


We offer High-quality slings designed for unparalleled lifting precision. Engineered for durability and reliability, Coastal Boat Lift offers a range of slings designed to securely cradle and support your watercraft.

electrical box


Diverse control panels and switches—TEC, GEM Remotes, Premier Remotes, and more—offering precise operation and management of boat lift systems.

Control Panels

  • TEC
  • GEM Remotes
  • Premier Remotes – Control your lift remotely via an app on your phone!


  • Maintained Switch
  • Momentary Switch
direct drive

Drives & Motors

Comprehensive selection of drives and stainless motors including Direct Gear Drives and various Stainless Motor options, ensuring efficient power and adaptability for boat lift mechanisms.

Direct Gear Drives

  • Direct Gear Drive Conversion Kit (for lifts with older Hatteras Drives)

Stainless Motors

  • Flat Plate Motor
  • C Faced Motor
  • Footed Motor
Boat on boat lift

Boat Lift Accessories

Essential accessories like Dock Ladders, Aluminum Walk Boards, Tide Guides, and Slings, enhancing and supporting the functionality of boat lift systems.

Dock Ladder

Aluminum Walk Boards/Ladders

  • 12” Wide Walk Board
  • 24” Wide Walk Board
  • 3 step Ladder
  • 4 step Ladder

Aluminum Tide Guides
Cable Keepers

  • Top Beam Cable Keepers
custom walkboard and bunk setup


Custom fabrication solutions for boat lift essentials, including Cable Keepers and specialized components like Piling Risers and Sure Step Platforms, ensuring optimal boat lift performance.

Custom Fabrication

  • Piling Riser
  • Walkboards
  • Sure Step Platform

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